1  Lokomotiv

2  Brittle Bones

3  64 Squares

4  Chickity Black

5  Latrine

6  Belly X 2

7  Kiss `Em Slow

8  Ocean Too Deep >>

9  Memory Mound

It`s been so long since I`ve seen the sun.
Waking up when the day was done.
Where did all my dreaming go?
The mountains I climbed turned out so low.

I was driving down a narrow road.
And, I turned off just to blow my load.
But I couldn`t find all the seeds I sown.
And, I turned around and the road was gone.

I went down to an ocean beach.
And threw a stone as far the arm could reach.
It rippled some and then it disappeared.
It went under just as I had feared.

That`s the thing, the ocean`s just too deep.
Choose a pond, a bathtub or a sink.
Own the battle in a pool of water.
Own the puddle and its virgin daughter.

That`s the thing.
The Ocean`s just too deep. Repeat and Fade.