1  Lokomotiv

2  Brittle Bones

3  64 Squares

4  Chickity Black

5  Latrine

6  Belly X 2 >>

7  Kiss `Em Slow

8  Ocean Too Deep

9  Memory Mound

A. Her Belly`s as big though she`s only half his size.
Yummy urchin wide-eyed calf who strayed,
her stick legs split like fragrant timber
and the old man had his way.
And now he glows with quiet pride
as two bellies grow side by side.

B. Oh, Bangkok mama, you opened up your doors to all the leering loathsome untoward.
To all the losers, the boozers, and bores. Oh Bangkok mama, you let down your drawers.
Oh, Bangkok mama you opened up your sores.

Repeat A and fade.