1  Lokomotiv

2  Brittle Bones

3  64 Squares >>

4  Chickity Black

5  Latrine

6  Belly X 2

7  Kiss `Em Slow

8  Ocean Too Deep

9  Memory Mound
... featuring Argentine mezzosoprano

Girl, I want you maybe
But then I am so lazy
Your flaxen hair attracts my stare
But then it gets all hazy

I think about the chess game
That move made in the end game
When Bishop went to G 6
K should have gone to D6
Then open a file, just for a while
For the Dominatrix

Oh, you boys so lame
Play your little game
All you do is stare
At 64 little squares
All you do is stare
At 64 little squares

Girl, you just don`t get it
Those squares are where I`m with it
King goes in the pocket
Queen goes out and rocks it
Knights start wreaking havoc
Pawns start blocking traffic.

Repeat loops and fade.