1  Lokomotiv

2  Brittle Bones >>

3  64 Squares

4  Chickity Black

5  Latrine

6  Belly X 2

7  Kiss `Em Slow

8  Ocean Too Deep

9  Memory Mound

Right on the corner there, a dwarf in a wheelchair,
asks me to wheel him on home.
I said: “Sure, little man, I got nowhere to roam.”

I wheeled him a block, it was around 4 o clock, he said, "Care for a nightcap upstairs?” I didn`t think twice. Just being nice. And the sign said LondonCares.

We opened some wine, and he reads me a poem… `bout brittle bones. It keeps you from growing, but not from knowing, and knowledge is all that I own.

With the wine all gone, I had to go home. I started to say my good-bye. Then he said with a wink, what would you think, if you know…no no no no no no.

He pushed off his chair, and flopped on his bed, and lifted his arms over his head. He was spread like an eagle, looking quite evil, and screamed

“What`s the Problem,” I fled. “What`s the Problem?”
I fled…Repeat and Fade.