1  Lokomotiv >>

2  Brittle Bones

3  64 Squares

4  Chickity Black

5  Latrine

6  Belly X 2

7  Kiss `Em Slow

8  Ocean Too Deep

9  Memory Mound

Chain-smoking mack daddy,
sickly yet suave, barely legal English tart,
looking for some love. Then, I lost my glasses,
her face turned melted plastic
into a Granny wrinkly and sallow,
a snake-bitten foetus all puffy and yellow,
an angel child, Picasso mother
sunken eyes one over the other.

On the outer fringes, suite of all binges,
Persian carpet, marble tile, vodka mixes with hardening bile,
I fumble with her blouse buttons like a nervous bachelor,
I fumble with her breastbuds like an errant pastor.
I do my best, Ophelia done it better.
I frown, my pants go down, I do it to the letter.

Wallow in Liquid Ruins, Wallow in Liquid Ruins

A rasta, father died with Che Guevara,
takes us to a armless mystic with crazy powers.
With his tongue, he rolls a joint, weeble wobble makes a point.
A banker, bald and beady-eyed, takes us to his bathtub,
to his naked childbride.
Near a Carrara marble fetish altar to duty-free cologne.
Gargling Veuve Cliquot like she’s on a fucking throne.

Wallow in Liquid Ruins, Wallow in Liquid Ruins

Moonshine, canned meat, broken vets, broken teeth.
She runs to the closet, I run behind and lock it.
Life is not if you can`t can`t clock it. Loops and Fade.

link to whole movie featuring rai quartley