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Claus Bühler

Happy Clinic Co-Composer/Arranger  Bühler is currently sound designer on The Tiger Lillies`s world tour, a renowned three-piece British cabaret act. Other music/composer credits include the show WeltTraum 2001 (3 month run at Berlin`s Chameleon Variety), backing tracks for world champion juggler Diabolo Juggling Genius Martin Mall, as well as acoustic logos and trailers for television and advertising.

A veteran drummer and bassist on the Berlin scene, including "Zone Six" and Berlin/Melbourne collaboration Tobe (Delicious Doughnut releases, etc.), he found considerable download success with his 1998 solo track, Oh, Baby Yeah, in which an inflatable doll slaughters her owner. He is based in the Black Forest of Germany.

mailto: clausbuehler(@)kabelbw.de